Prasad Corp provides Third Eye QC services for Broadcasters and also for OTT service providers for their Content created outside of their studios. We ensure the content provided by external studio/ producers meet delivery specification which includes formats, technical attributes and acceptable quality criteria. Our services help verify the content for client-specific standards.

For Broadcasters, we ensure suppliers/content producers meet the stringent Broadcast standards across Restoration, Colour Grading, Audio – Video synchronisation and Digital Masters. We also extend support to content creators /producers on the nature of correction to be carried out to meet the Technical specification and standards and expectations of Broadcasters.

For OTT platforms we are involved in fixing many common QC errors like pixel errors, animation errors, frame error, compositing error, audio tick, quantization and luminance shift. These are done before submission to a streaming media provider. We also provide

  • Master QC
  • VFX QC
  • M&E QC
  • Atmos QC

We are a one-stop facility across all formats of Audio and Video QC in India. SLA-driven deliveries along with a detailed defect analysis are made available to clients as per their specifications. The QC services are supported by a robust, efficient team for a quick turn around and available 24/ 7 to ensure error-free deliveries as per client requirements across various time zones.

Service excellence coupled with customer satisfaction has been the key to our growth.