Founded in 1954, Prasad Corp is a pioneer in film and video post-production providing end-to-end services across film/tape digitizing and restoration including but not limited to assessment and conservation, photochemical restoration, color grading (DI), metadata, digital mastering, computer graphics/VFX and technology solutions to the global archives.

As the owner of Digital Film Technology, It’s suitably placed to help with the ingest of complex archival film scanning projects both on-site and off-site. Be it archival, broadcast, or home entertainment, Prasad Corp provides digital film/video and audio restoration services through its state-of-the-art facilities in India.

The projects served by us include Academy, Golden Globe, National and International Award winners. We have received several accolades for our achievements in animation, VFX (visual effects) including the National Award for Best VFX.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support global archives and libraries to protect, preserve and monetize their valuable content. We do this by providing them with holistic digital transformation solutions – tool, technology and thinking that will enable them to achieve their goals.

Our Vision

To be a digitalization partner of choice for the Global archives.

Segments we Serve

Film Production Studios


Post Production/VFX Studios

Educational Institutions


Government and Private Archives


Not-For-Profit Organizations

Why Prasad?

We bring in 6+ decades of experience in the film industry in several manifestations and forms.

We are a set of passionate people who understand the art and science in managing sensitive and fragile films.

We are a unique company to own scanner IPs – understand digitization like no other.

We are committed to continuously investing in research and collaborating with like-minded institutions in pursuit of this cause.