Cultural Heritage Digitization

Libraries, Museums and Archive centres are repositories of rich cultural heritage which are faced with the challenge of preserving them for the future generation or for legal/operational purposes.

They need to be digitized and stored in digital formats that can be searched and retrieved when neededand also to promote these online for a new revenue stream for these institutions.

These collections could be anything from

  • Manuscript books
  • Photographs
  • Coins
  • Sculpture and decorative art
  • Microfilms
  • Microfiche, or any
  • Audio-visual formats

Sometimes these could even be bizarre…

Our legacy of digitization of films helps us scan unusual and fragile materials and along with our capabilities around Metadata and Indexing make sure these are stored and secured for decades to come.


  • Digitization and online accessibility provides greater visibility
  • Provides possible new revenue streams
  • Preserved for future generations
  • Easy search and retrieval when needed
  • No risk of damage to legacy artefacts