People now look for and view content anywhere and everywhere; TV, Mobiles phones over Wi-Fi or on the mobile connection, Tablets, laptops, other connected devices, monitor in a car etc. The content providers vie with one another for rich content, engaging experience and increased personalization. Whatever the changes are in the world of Media and Entertainment, the audience is waiting to embrace anything online and close to them.

Studio owners and producers are put through great disadvantage having to run between multiple service providers to get their high source digital media put through technical analysis to ensure compliance and virtually meet all delivery specification, Prasad has the answer to their woes.

Why Prasad?

  • Equipped with state-of-the-art mastering suites
  • Experienced technical team including sound and video editors, audio engineers and sound specialists
  • Provides comprehensive and unbiased technical analysis and suggestions for creating Digital Masters
  • Understands the needs of Broadcasters/OTT platforms like no other

Technology has given the impetus for projects to come to life and reach audiences in a way like never before. Prasad drives the technology and that’s where we want to be and we aim to be.