Digital Deliverables

Prasad Corp provides Digitization and Restoration of Archival material whether it be Celluloid Film, Videotapes, Still Images and Documents. Our digitised outputs cater to the huge demand for emerging technologies, Digital Cinema, HD Broadcast, Web-based Applications and OTT platforms.

The raw scan output in lossless DPX format can be converted to any digital file formats ranging from low-resolution SD, HD, UHD, 2K, 4K, 8K, 10K, 14K (Mpeg, JPG, J2K), and ProResHQ, TIFF and to client specification.

In case you have 35mm films to remaster, here is an opportunity to go 14K and down convert to Super 4K or Super 8K. Now, nothing stops you… Scan once and store it forever while you keep monetizing as the need arises.

We work on your old Standard Definition (SD) content and up-convert the images to High Definition (HD) through a unique and proven process. We can also convert files from HD to 2K format or convert from 2K to 4K format as need be to help Broadcasters, Producers, Content Aggregators, Distributors re-purpose and monetise on the legacy content.

We work closely with content owners to ensure their content is made compatible with 4K resolution and other technical requirements of Broadcasters, thus enabling them to publish content on multiple channels.

Our services encompass Audio conversion too, specifically catered for Music Streaming and the rising opportunities in the OTT platforms. Since monetisation of available film and video content has taken a big leap, the need of the hour is Preservation and making the files accessible for all requirements, becomes important.