Video and Tape Digitization

Prasad Corp introduced Digitization services in the 1980s and since then has been serving all Terrestrial, Satellite and Broadcast channels the region. We have digitized more than 600000 hours of film content over the last 2 plus decades.

Our Video and Tape Digitization division is equipped to handle all formats of Analog and Digital Tape content. It is the preferred destination for major television channels, content creators and content rights holders for converting their legacy content into easily accessible digital formats for repurposing. The technical expertise along with the safety and security of the client materials is of added advantage.

Our in-house experts are well trained in handling all kinds of tape formats which include VHS, UMATIC, BETA, DIGI BETA, DVCAM, D5, Sony HDCAM using competent technology to support Digitization with audio/video editing. We currently hold a library of the legacy tape players to help digitise content with indigenously formulated checking, manual cleaning for tapes, repairs before the Digitization. We are proud to have provided some major Broadcast stations solutions for films where the film sources were not available and to make them broadcast-ready from their Analog tape source.

Our services include

  • Tape manual cleaning
  • RTI cleaning
  • Digitization of Video and Audio
  • Audio/video editing
  • Upscaling
  • Mastering

Case Studies

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