Digital Post Solutions for the New Age


Prasad Group with 16 Audio studios spread across the south metros was instrumental in introducing the Dolby sound to Indian films in the early ‘90s. The Audio Studios are equipped with state-of-the-art recording and mixing consoles using Pro Tools for discreet 5.1 and Dolby mix for Digital Cinema Projections. Prasad Grouphas the largest and the most advanced network of audio studios in Asia.

Post-production works like Voice Dubbing, Music Recording and Foley Sound for SFX, creative 5.1, 7.1 Dolby Atmos sound mixing solutions are available in Chennai and Hyderabad studios of Prasad. Since all our studios work on the Pro Tools, ease and compatibility of plug and play for location shifts to accommodate artist convenience is a major plus.

Equipped with the technically superior Neumann's Dual-diaphragm Tube Microphones with AMS Neve preamps and hardware using Pro Tools Software, our dubbing suites are always buzzing with activity.

The Dolby approved Atmos mixing suite is the first of its kind in India using the Avid ICON 32 Channel Mixer, Pro Tools Ultimate software with Dual Work Stations and Dolby Atmos RMU Hardware.

We have also extended the end-to-end audio solutions to OTT Platforms, Independent web series producers and TV Channels including the Atmos Audio mixing, SFX and dubbing suites to meet the current trend for enhancing the quality of Home Entertainment content and viewer satisfaction.