Digital Post Solutions for the New Age

Color Grading

Prasad Corp has one of the finest facilities for Color Grading (Digital Intermediate (DI)) post services with possibilities of 4K and 8K workflow. Our excellent, state of the art color grading (DI) suites in the studios at Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad provide a wonderful ambience and a memorable work experience. Having introduced the Color Grading (DI) service in India, we have worked on some of the greatest films for the most demanding clients.

Prasad provides grading on the Baselight grading machines and Barco projection systems, in comfortably large grading suites with big screens. We have colorists considered the best in the industry, having worked on prestigious projects from around the world.

Our deliveries include archive copies on LTO7/ LTO8, 2K / 4K DCP and also IMF package for OTT deliverables.

We provide

  • DFT Scanity HDR, Scanity4K, 2K for dailies
  • Baselight 8K, 4K, DaVinci 2K+, Scratch Colour Grading Systems
  • Data management solutions for 2K/ 4K/ 8K workflow
  • Integrated film handling facility and vault for film preservation
  • Deliverables for Broadcast, OTT, Theatrical and lossless archival copies