Know Your Archive - Archive Assessment

Film archives across the globe hold historical content of cultural significance. These films need to be stored in proper conditions, at appropriate temperature and humidity. Additionally, constant assessment and maintenance of these film elements are necessary to extend the longevity of these treasures.

But this has never been easy. The primary issue has always been limited budgets and the ability to preserve them for future generations. These constraints have a direct impact on the degradation of these elements and the ability of archives to really understand the current physical status of their film assets.

At Prasad Corporation, we are delighted to present our "Swift & Affordable Assessment" as part of the Know Your Archive initiative, tailored to uncover the hidden treasures within your archive while being mindful of the resources at hand.

Archives can discover a tailored solution that fits their unique needs with our mini-assessment service. They can benefit from a focused evaluation, strategically designed to provide quick yet meaningful insights into their operations.

What does Prasad do?

Prasad would do an onsite inspection of the current state of assets stored in your vaults across film types which includes

  • Film Condition Assessment - An overview of the archive's current state
  • Cataloguing and Metadata Enhancement – for easy discovery
  • Identification of Potential Challenges
  • Suggest the roadmap for initiating the preservation process (both physical and digital)
  • Provide an overall report

How does this onsite assessment transform an archive's journey?

  • Prasad’s mini-assessment offers a cost-effective alternative to comprehensive audits, ensuring archives make the most of their time, budget, and staff
  • Equips the archive team with data-driven decisions
  • Delivers rapid insights for an archive when it is planning future projects or seeking immediate enhancements
  • Helps deep dive into targeted areas that matter most to the archive

Prasad’s Film Preservation Lab

  • Film Assessment

  • Chemical Restoration Lab

  • Chemical Restoration Lab

  • Film Digitisation Lab