Film Scanning / Digitization

scanityFilm Scanning is in our DNA considering we have 6 plus decades of excellence behind us supporting the unique concept of Script to Screen that we have offered our clients. With our experiences in Film Production, Film Processing and Film Post-production services, we currently provide highly secure and safe Film Scanning services to provide Digital masters for Archiving, Theatrical and Broadcast platforms.

DFT (Digital Film TechnologyGmbh), manufacturers of the Scanity HDR and OXScan 65 brand of film scanners is a fully owned Prasad company and has been at the forefront of Film Scanning Technology for over 75 years, providing solutions for Film Post-production, Film Archives and Restoration markets with a range of high quality, leading-edge products and services.

Scanning and Restoration services are available at Prasad’s own Center of Excellence for film scanning in Prasad’s Burbank office, CA and via multiple partners across the globe in the USA, Europe, India and Japan. Large film production companies and post houses have installed their own Scanity / OxScan film scanners for meeting their requirements or as a partner with Prasad in a rental agreement on a pay per use model. Our scanning solutions ensure a fast turnaround for dailies or high quality scans with resolutions up to 14k for Archival and 8K /4K / 2K resolutions for Theatrical and Broadcast needs. We can Scan film formats of 8mm, 16mm, Super16, 35mm, Super35, 65mm, or 70mm. We also provide the Wetgate option on select formats for best quality output for old films with dirt and dust.

For more information on the dft range of film scanners and Audio Digitization products, visit www.dft-fim.com.

Case Studies

comparison video of dft's WetGate™ technology for its latest scanity hdr film scanner