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November 26, 2018 (Burbank, CA)

Prasad is proud to announce a strategic partnership with DuArt Digitization Center, a division of DuArt Media Services, New York City, to provide DuArt with a Scanity HDR 4K Film Scanner to continue its work with filmmakers, and archivists who have relied on DuArt’s revered care of film media for more than 95 years.

DuArt Digitization Center provides a “one-stop shop” of comprehensive asset management support and distribution services including Film Scanning Services in 4K, 2K for 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and 35mm, Full immersion Perc film cleaning, digitizing from video and audio tapes, color correction, video file conversions, UHD, HD Blu-Ray and DVD authoring/replication, DCP creation and screening, LTO archiving, closed captioning and subtitles, and Aspera for secure file delivery.

“We are very excited about this major addition of the Scanity to the DuArt Digitization Center and the ability to provide a full array of services to the film archive community up and down the East Coast,” comments Tracy Balsz, Vice President at Prasad Corp. “Ultimately, through this partnership Prasad will be able to offer its world class restoration services to the east coast film community.”

“At DuArt we have always been at the forefront of film related technologies. By incorporating the DFT Scanity HDR 4K film scanner into our media management division we’ll be one of the few post production companies in the east coast that can meet the service demand for scanning both new and archive films with state-of the art equipment that offers unprecedented speed and versatility. At DuArt we always strive for the highest quality at the best value,” remarks Linda Young, President of DuArt Media Services.

About Prasad Corp:
Prasad with over 7 decades of rich experience is a pioneer and leader, providing end-to-end solutions for film and digital workflows. Prasad has delivered solutions for more than 15000 features films across the world. With facilities, offices and associates in USA, UK, Germany, India, Japan, Middle east and Far east, Prasad digitizes content for leading production houses, archives and TV Channels. Prasad has digitally restored more than 500 Hollywood classics including academy award and golden globe award winners. DFT (Digital Film Technology GmbH) the makers of “Scanity & Sondor” is a subsidiary of the Prasad Corporation Ltd, India. DFT has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years. For more information, visit

About DuArt Media Services:
DuArt Media Services is a premier, long-established film, video and audio media service company specialized in global post-production, localization and media management services. DuArt’s diverse and technically rich divisions offer an extensive list of services to meet the needs of filmmakers, producers, distributors, archivists, and media communications groups. Based in the iconic DuArt building, in the heart of New York City, with 96 years of experience in the creative services business and a Technical Academy Award (Oscar) for innovation and leadership, DuArt remains committed to providing its clients with the latest technologies available for post-production and media delivery.

Further information:
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Vice President - Business Development, North America
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