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April 26th, 2019 (Rome, Italy)

Prasad is proud to announce a strategic partnership with AUGUSTUSCOLOR Post, ROME to provide a Scanity HDR 4K film scanner to support 4K workflow for film, SAN and LTO archiving, full-service film scanning and digital restoration services in 8, Super8, 16, Super 16, 35, 2K/4K. For Archival preservation purposes, film scanning and digital restoration services for classic independent film re-mastering. High quality film scanning and digital dailies to our clients worldwide. Film to File & File to Film. DCP to film.

AUGUSTUSCOLOR Post offers a boutique solution for Photochemical post to data workflows. High-speed Scanity 4k scanning for workflows for dailies, film imaging and restoration. Full Post in 4k, 4K digital intermediate, high-volume media encoding with global data connectivity, sound, versioning (dubbing) and deliverables.

“SCANITY is ideal for archival projects seeking high resolution and Augustuscolor is specialized in film handling and storage. We can now also offer our European clients Prasad's vast restoration capabilities — without having precious archival film leave our care”, Simon Clark, Prasad.

Augustuscolor Film Laboratory in Rome, Italy and Prasad announce as their first project the DIGITISATION & MEDIA MANAGEMENT of a film archive, of 400 Classic Italian FILMS.

Our Client, Video Mercury Films (Madrid) has acquired rights in perpetuity, for this Collection of original negatives, of Italian Classic Cinema.Video Mercury Films, committed to Classical Cinema,already owns more than 1000 classic Italian films, and has ordered a 4k scan of 400 FILMS.

“We are honored to be part of presenting this invaluable archive to the world and aim to service archives of unique libraries and collections.”, Ouida Smit, Augustuscolor.

“We are delighted to bring these Classics to audiences in 4K 16 bit HDR, at the image and sound quality SCANITY provides. For the most part they are films that are not on the web yet. These classics gift a different dimension of storytelling and certainly, to current audiences, present a new frontier in image and sound quality “, Alessandro Pelliccia, Digital Post, Augustuscolor.

About Prasad Corp:

Prasad with over 7 decades of rich experience is a pioneer and leader, providing end-to-end solutions for film and digital workflows. Prasad has delivered solutions for more than 15000 features films across the world. With facilities, offices and associates in USA, UK, Germany, India, Japan, Middle east and Far east, Prasad digitizes content for leading production houses, archives and TV Channels. Prasad has digitally restored more than 500 Hollywood classics including academy award and golden globe award winners. DFT (Digital Film Technology GmbH) the makers of “Scanity & Sondor” is a subsidiary of the Prasad Corporation Ltd, India. DFT has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years. For more information, visit

Further information:
Simon Clark
Vice President Marketing and Business Development (Europe)
Mob: +44 77762 97372

About Augustuscolor:

AUGUSTUSCOLOR is a long-established film, image and audio media service company specialized in FILM post-production, localization and media management services. Augustuscolor is also Decommissioning and caring for remaining negatives from the former Technicolor Rome storage. AUGUSTUSCOLOR offers services to meet the needs of filmmakers, producers, distributors, archivists, and media communications groups. Based in VIA TIVOLI 41 ROME, the lab also has specialized spaces in the downtown area.

With half a century of experience in the creative services business AUGUSTUSCOLOR interlocutes for its clients between options available in photochemical film and digital technologies for post-production and media delivery.

AUGUSTUSCOLOR provides film and digital dailies for features & series. Supporting productions in Europe, with service sites, in the UK- London, Hungary - Budapest, Spain - Madrid and Maghreb: Marocco, Tunisia, Algeria. Services include dailies, grading, 4K workflow, transcode for editorial and online dailies review, cloud services, VFX pulls including automated services, 4K ‘scan-once’ workflows for film data, SAN and LTO archiving. For more information, visit

Further information:
Augustus Color
via Tivoli, 4100156 Roma
Ouida Smit
Mob: +39 340 764 2656